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The words and/or words and symbols used in relation to "H24" and "The H24 Company", "H24 Technologies and Solutions" ("H24 Tech"), "H24 Power", "H24 Fuels", "H24 Hydrogen", "H24 Fuel Cells", "H24 Energy Storage", "H24 Eco", "H24 Systems", "H24 Stations", "H24 Consulting", "H24 Mobility" and "H24 Holdings" are the intellectual property and copyright of The H24 Ltd Company and The H24 Group. Copyright applies to all letter cases and logo variations of the words "H24", "H24 Fuels" and "H24 Power" used in relation to both Fuel and Power Generation Technologies, Systems, Facilities and Plant, H24 Hydrogen Technologies and Systems; H24 Hydrogen On-Site Processing Facilities and Plant. H24 Electrolyzers (Electrolysers) and Electrolysis Technologies, H24 Advanced Technologies, Engineering and Consulting Services, H24 Fuels include: transportation, shipping, aerospace, rocket, jet, aviation and mobility fuels, H24 Gas and Gases, Speciality Gases and Syngas (Synthetic Gas) processing equipment, technologies and plant; H24 Mobility and H24 Automotive technologies, solutions and applications, H24 Power Train technologies and applications, H24 Hydrogen powered vehicles, HPV's , H24 Hybrid Vehicles, H24 Automotive vehicles, H24 high perfomance vehicles, all commercial and public transportation types; H24 Shipping and Marine technologies, systems and applications, H24's intellectual property and copyright also applies to the words "H24 Racing", "H24 Power Racing" and the "H24 Power Racing Team" - H24 Fuel Cells include large and small scale stationary fuel cells, portable fuel cells and mobile fuel cells, H24 Fuel Cell Systems and H24 CHP Technologies (combined heat and power) systems and applications for both commercial and domestic usage, H24 Power Ultracapacitors, Supercapacitors, H24 Power Battery Technologies, Systems and Applications, "H24 UPS" uninterupted power suppy systems and solutions, "H24 Stations" Include H24 Fuel Stations / H24 Refueling Stations, Systems, Facilities and Ports, H24 Power Stations, Charging Stations, Charging Points and Ports; H24 Energy Storage Technologies, Systems and Facilities, H24 Hybrid Power Generation Systems (Integrated wind, solar, marine and hydro powered applications), "H24 Fuels" technologies and application's encompass: syngas, biofuels, biomass fuels, hydro carbon fuels, micoro-algae / macro-alage derived bio fuels, bio hydrogen, bio oils and bio products; all hydrogen based fuels, gases, specialty gases and water to fuel supply processing technologies, systems, facilities and plant, H24 technology manufacturing facilities and plant. H24 Cryogenic, Vacuum, Liquefaction, Reformation, Compression and Thermal Control Technologies, Systems, Equipment and Supplies, H24 Hydrogen and H24 Fuels distribution, H24 logistics and transportation solutions: Hydrogen Gas and Fuel Storage technologies and structures: H24 industrial and commercial refining and processing facilities and plant - H24 gas and fuel transportation systems, vehicles and containment vessels, H24 Plasma power technologies, gasification technologies, gas separation, purification and compression technologies and processes, SMR  steam methane reformation, Hydrogen Methanisation, Renewable Natural Gas (RNG) and Synthetic Gas (Syngas) Production, CO2 Injection and Mixing (methanation) Technologies and Systems, H24 Renewables (H24.RE) Renewable Gas Technologies and Renewable Energy Applications ; H24 Power to Gas and Gas to Grid Processing and Supply Systems, Facilities and Plant. H24 Advanced Membrane Filtration Technologies, H24 Proton Exchange Membrane Technologies and Applications, H24 Water Treatment Technologies and Solutions, Water Purification and Water Recovery Processes. H24 Instrumentation and sensors, H24 Safety solutions, equipment and supplies, H24 Work place training / safety courses and accreditions, H24 and H24 Power hardware, software and environmental controls, H24 Digital technologies and solutions, H24 Data analytics and data management solutions, both "H24" and "H24 Power" branded products, branded clothing and promotional merchandise.

Applies to The H24 Group; H24 Fuels, H24 Power, H24 Energy Storage, H24 Stations and The H24 Ltd Company's marks and brands; their products, technologies, systems, solutions and services - our marketing platforms with the inclusion of the "@" symbol as in @h24.tech and @h24.co - @h24.group - @h24power.co and @h24fuels.com, and our other not listed regional variations and applications respectively.

"The H24 Company", "H2 Fuels", "H24 Power", "H24 Technologies and Solutions" and "The H24 Group's" Affiliates (or other) trademarks or service marks on this site is periodically updated but shall not be taken as an all-inclusive list of H24's Technologies, their Systems, Solutions and Services (or other) marks.

Any use of "The H24 Company's" Marks or permutations thereof (except as expressly authorised by "H24" ( The H24 Ltd Company ), H24 Fuels, H24 Power, or The H24 Group (legally in writing) is strictly prohibited.

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In these Terms, User content is information or other content, which is or may be provided to The H24 Company and The H24 Group or inputted or uploaded by User via this site or related means, including (without limitation) pictures, video and other images, audio materials, graphics, document or data files, information relating to natural and other persons, messages, e-mail and other communications, files, texts, opinions, personalisation settings and other information, by uploading User content to this site or sending or making available User content to other Users or The H24 Company or The H24 Group's Affiliates, pursuant to or by reason of site, Services or Site content use or otherwise, User automatically grants (or warrants that the owner of such User content expressly granted) by; "The H24 Company" ( H24 Advanced Technologies, Engineering and Consulting ), "H24 Fuels", "H24 Power" and "The H24 Group's" Affiliates and their designees a perpetual, royalty-free, irrevocable, and non-exclusive right and license to use (including commercial use and exploitation), copy, sub-licence, reproduce, modify, adapt, publish, translate, publicly perform, display and distribute User content (including any ideas, concepts, know-how or techniques contained therein), and create derivative works from and incorporate User content (or any part thereof) into any form, medium, or technology now known or later developed throughout the world. In addition, User warrants that it has the rights necessary to grant such licence and that all so-called "moral rights" in any User content have been waived. All User content will be considered non-confidential, not subject to any use restrictions and no User content will be subject to any obligation of confidence on "The H24 Company", "H24 Fuels", "H24 Power" and "The H24 Group's" behalf

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Where it is possible for Users to transact through this site (or any linked site) with a third party (including other Users or a service provider or product seller) who is not "H24", "H24 Fuels", "H24 Power", "H24 Consulting" or Part of "The H24 Ltd Company" or "The H24 Group" such transaction shall be (and any rights and obligations shall arise) solely between you and the third party.

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